1. Ordinary Man

From the recording Sounds Of Summer

Written and Recorded by Jake Anthony Sausa
Produced and Engineered by Tameem Shaker

Flute performed by Mikey Vitale
French Horn performed by Jeanine Nagao


I met a man who wears a funny face
His eyes are never shown
But through the years I’ve known

He wears a mask smiling day to day
And others wave
But they don’t stay

He asks for peace, is it all that much
Turns linen skies to blue
It’s good for me and you

And every night when the sun is down
He draws the shade
Like any other day

Ordinary Man
He’s an Ordinary Man

Ordinary Man
He’s an Ordinary Man

When things are bad he turns the page
Lives life without a care
Still it’s hard to bear

Out of his shell it’s a whole new world
Works his nine to five
To keep himself alive

He’s an Ordinary Man
Just an Ordinary Man
Ordinary Man