From the recording Sounds Of Summer

Written and Recorded by Jake Anthony Sausa
Produced and Engineered by Tameem Shaker

French Horn performed by Jeanine Nagao


I called you just the other day
A Monday like the rest
Wondered if you would like to go
And watch the nice sunset

Thoughts racing by in my mind
I didn’t know what to think
I tried my best to calm myself
And I started to drink

When I woke the sun was gone
I passed out in the sink

Tuesday night I called you back
I got your answering machine
I tried to apologize
I really tried to come clean

With you
And with me

Night turned quickly into day
I hadn’t heard a word

Ooh, what am I supposed to do
Ooh, I’m so lonely without you

Please, please don’t leave me here alone
I’m so lost pick up the phone
Please pick up your phone

I called you back Wednesday night
My whole apartment was a mess
I was feeling so run down
And I couldn’t care less

The phone rang for many hours
Or so it felt at the time
I didn’t know what to do
So I cracked a bottle of wine

One glass quickly turned to two
And two turned into nine

Life without you’s turning me blue
I don’t think I can go on without you

Honey, my dear lend me your ear
Just for one moment I’ll make myself clear

I still love you

I know in my heart
With all of my soul
The days without you
Will never grow old

Darling, please forgive me
All that I’m asking is you answer please