Issue 2: Yesterday I Crashed My Car

And just like that it all begins…

With a proud heart I humbly welcome my first single into the world. 

Where do I even begin- when I started my journey as an independent artist I didn’t really know where it was heading, but alas here we are. Since October of last year I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into music, allowing myself to fall in love with the process and develop a strong sense of passion and connection to my work. 

I extend great gratitude to my mentors and wonderful people that I have met along the way, for giving me the strength and courage to go after my dreams.

If there’s anything I can hope you will take away from all of this, let “Yesterday I Crashed My Car” assure one thing- this is only the beginning of the ride I’m going to take you on this Summer…

So strap in.

- Jake

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